Downtown offers the best of Austin, amplified. This is where creativity and ingenuity meet to deliver the latest foodie hotspots, legendary live music venues, one-of-a-kind shops, and year-round outdoor fun. Rock out or relax – it’s your call. LET’S GO


Downtown is the epicenter of Austin’s 24/7 idea exchange. This is where enterprises headquarter and entrepreneurs incubate, all harnessing our city’s incredible talent pool, business-friendly infrastructure and uniquely collaborative culture. LET’S GO


Downtown Austin offers residences to suit any style, whether you’re renting or putting down roots. This is where city excitement meets creature comforts – your walkable new neighborhood puts both nightly entertainment and daily essentials within easy reach.LET’S GO


Programs and Initiatives

Serving the interests that affect you most.

Our programs and initiatives are interconnected and address downtown’s greatest needs.


Strategic Programs and Initiatives

The Downtown Austin Alliance’s mission and vision guide our work as we think about the downtown we want to create for future generations. We created a strategic plan that articulates the mission, vision, and core values while guiding our special projects and daily activities where we can effect the most change and best serve our membership. Our impact areas and ongoing priorities are interconnected—each is essential to the success of the others.



Strategic Priorities

Make downtown Austin readily accessible by a variety of effective, efficient and pleasant transportation options. The existing system is inadequate, limiting access and therefore downtown’s economic potential.
Ensure that downtown Austin is a more enticing place — clean, safe and beautiful. Cleanliness and safety are prerequisites, but to grow its competitive advantage among Austin neighborhoods and downtowns around the country the area must also become more beautiful, active and welcoming.
Transform what is now a street into a truly exceptional place — the greatest street in Austin and one of the great streets in the world. In recent years, the Main Street of Texas’ vitality has improved but it is not yet optimized as the economic and cultural backbone of downtown.
Establish a public-private partnership for Republic Square that will serve as a model in effectively implementing and sustaining the vision for Austin’s urban squares. Great public spaces increase urban areas’ appeal, livability and economic vitality, but downtown open spaces are underperforming. 


Our Imperatives

Two imperatives guide all the work we do at the Downtown Alliance to advance our strategic priorities. First, we are committed to the economic prosperity of downtown Austin. Second, we provide leadership to the downtown community as we work together to shape the area’s future.